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Harry’s New York Bar in Paris adds another Auburn pennant

Banners high, s'il vous plaît.

“I look out for our image and defend it from all enemies, foreign and domestic, at all times,” says 1999 Auburn graduate Jeffrey Hicks.

So when he, while on a European vacation with his new bride in early 2011, stopped by Harry’s New York Bar, a famous, century old bastion of Americanism in the heart of Paris (and the birthplace of his favorite cocktail, the French 75), and noticed that an Alabama 2009 BCS National Championship pennant was included in the numerous college pennants lining its walls, but not a pennant celebrating the then most recent national champs, he took action.

“In the stairwell where we sat, we found the Alabama 2009 National Championship Pennant hanging,” Hicks says. “I scoured the place for more Auburn”—there was an Auburn University pennant from the 1980s hanging on the side of the bar—”and came up empty. I immediately called for the manager. He came, I asked where Auburn’s 2010 pennant was hanging. He said that they did not have one. I asked if I sent him one would he hang it up. He said, ‘of course.'”

Hicks got the manager’s card. When he returned home to Birmingham, he bought a pennant, packaged it, and mailed it.

“A week or so later, [Harry’s manager] emailed me pictures of the pennant hanging in the stairwell where we sat for our drinks,” Hicks says.

Mission accomplished.

Another angle.
Harry's original Auburn pennant, keepin' it real behind the bar.

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