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AU senior Betsy Davis defends Auburn during reign as Mystics of Time Queen in Mobile’s Mardi Gras

Auburn senior and 2012 Mystics of Time Queen Betsy Davis poses with her fiance and mother (note War Eagle beads) during Mobile's Mardi Gras festivities.

Add “Mardi Gras queen” to Auburn’s growing list of royal beauties.

In January, Auburn senior Betsy Davis was crowned Queen of the Mystics of Time, one of Mobile’s proudest and most prominent Mardi Gras mystic societies, and was treated accordingly during this year’s celebrations: sitting on a throne at the Mobile Civic Center, dancing with the MOT’s Father Time (who happened to be her actual father), folks bowing to her, showering her in doubloons, the works. But she also had some unexpected, unofficial duties—specifically, defending her alma mater’s honor.

Queen (and daughter) and Father (Time).

You see, the society’s outgoing queen went to Alabama. And at Davis’ coronation, which was one week after the Crimson Tide’s victory in the BCS National Championship Game, she made sure everybody knew it one last time.

“In her final speech, she said ‘Roll Tide,'” Davis says. “So after I was crowned, I was able to give a little speech, and considering the circumstances, I HAD to say ‘War Eagle’ at the conclusion.”

Davis says the rebuttal “was received well.”

But the MOT president, also a Bama grad, also got in on the act at the group’s pre-parade float display Feb. 12.

“The president just randomly yelled out ‘Roll Tide’ while we were standing on stage”—like a typical Alabama fan, Davis says—”and in an attempt to embarrass me, said to the emcee that I had something to say.”

And she did: “War Eagle.”

“That was an ongoing joke between us this year— Auburn vs. Alabama,” Davis says. “As always, Auburn wins.”

h/t Miles Ball.

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