Octavia Spencer and Josh Hopkins (briefly but boldly) talk Auburn at the Screen Actor’s Guild Award

They’re all blending together like so many Cam Newton rookie year NFL records: Golden Globe Award nominee, SAG Award nominee, Golden Globe winner, Oscar nominee, Essence Magazine “Breakthrough Award” winner, accidentally being referred to in a TWER tweet as the Burger That Made Auburn Famous (more like a burger supreme, am I right Theo?), and now SAG Award winner. All Octavia Spencer does is win.

She wins so much we weren’t even going to write anything about her SAG swaggin’ last night. But then she blew everyone’s minds and took Cougar Town star and fellow Auburn alum (and maybe Mr. Erin Andrews) as her date. And EXTRA interviewed them on camera. And they talked about Auburn.

And that, friends, is how you get yourself on The War Eagle Reader for the millionth time in 10 days or something.

h/t @FearlessandTrue@thejuiceisgood, and Heather Terrell.

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