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Trophy reveals different outcome of 1988 Sugar Bowl?

Maybe this is common knowledge—if it is, don’t tell us—but apparently feel-good semantics ruled the pre-overtime era of college football, at least when it came to games with a trophy at the end (or at least when it came to inscribing those trophies). Because if you look closely you’ll notice that, no, Auburn didn’t TIE Syracuse in the 1988 Sugar Bowl—we CO-WON.

Perhaps a Bama fan inscribed it—co-winning sounds like the game-specific version of a bogus national title—or maybe Charlie Sheen.

We’re assuming the Orange Men have their own version—all that angst, all those ties in the mail… all for (Windsor) naught—up in Syrexcuse.

If only we’d played in Cuba!

According to David Housel’s Auburn University Football Vault , when Auburn and Villanova tied the 1937 Bacardi Bowl–the game was the first played by two American teams on foreign soil—General Batista said screw it, no one would get the trophy. So we played for it again the next year in Philadelphia. And tied. No trophy. Played again in 1939. Villanova won.

When we asked to borrow the trophy for the centennial celebration of Auburn football in 1992, they couldn’t find it.

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