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Toomer’s Oaks might be turned into souvenirs

Last January, people were selling wads of toilet paper harvested from the Toomer's Oaks the morning after the national championship celebration. But the market for holy Toomer's relics might be about to explode.

The only thing I could think about at the committee meeting last week: what’s going to happen to them if / when they’re removed? So I asked. Hmm. Good question. Brief discussion. Maybe some sort of monument? Put it on display somewhere? Not sure.

Now a new idea about what to do with the Toomer’s Oaks is taking root: souvenirs.

What kind?

“Small items such as a writing pen that’s made out of wood,” Debbie Shaw, Vice President of Auburn Alumni Affairs, told WVTM yesterday. “That is a possibility and those could be sold to help raise money for the cost of the new trees, transplanting those.”

Shaw is also the chairperson of the Committee to Determine the Future of Rolling Toomer’s Corner.

“I’ve seen gavels that are made from trees,” Shaw said. “Some people have suggested cutting the trees in slices and selling them. Personally,  I tend to like the idea of choosing something small because we want as many people as possible to have the opportunity to keep a little bit of something that’s very sacred to the Auburn people.”

We doubt fans would be able to handle the meta of rolling the new trees with toilet paper made from the Toomer’s Oaks. But last January, people were selling wads of toilet paper harvested from the trees (back when they were they were the pre-poisoned, lowercase Toomer’s oaks) the morning after the national championship celebration on eBay.

Like most of the plans for the current oaks and the plans for the corner, everything is still TBD, up to TBA committees, up to public opinion (feel free to voice yours below), and ultimately—never to yield—up to the trees themselves.

But forget bronzed leaves or replica earrings or scarves made to mimic toilet paper. If it’s money they need, money they’ll get—people will be clawing for holy Toomer’s relics like Black Friday Beanie Babies.

If they do make gavels, I know who should get the first one.

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More on the the Toomer’s oaks: On the feasibility of a Toomer’s Corner transplantToomer’s Corner rollings didn’t start with Punt, Bama, Punt, says History / Did Auburn students celebrate Bear Bryant’s death by rolling Toomer’s Corner?

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