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Returning for his senior year should stack McCalebb’s stats into Auburn’s Top 10

O-Mac is so fast, this is the best picture Kenny shot of him from the stands all year. Thankfully, he'll have another year to sharpen his shutter.

Onterio McCalebb has moved up to 14th all time in rushing at Auburn, passing Secdrick McIntyre and is one good run shy of Lionel James. Now that he’s coming back for his senior year, his annual 600+ yards per season production would put him eighth, behind Ronnie Brown.

O-Mac finished the 2011 season with 1,323 all-purpose yard. He had 1,123 in 2010, 936 in 2009. That’s 3,382 yards in his first three years at Auburn. (If my math is right.) He’s now 9th, all time, behind Ronnie Brown and ahead of Mario Fannin in all-purpose yardage. He could finish his career in the top five next year. (And if he does THAT he finishes in the Reggie Slack area of the top 10 for career total offense.)

If O-Mac duplicates his numbers from this year he could be fourth, behind Bo, in the all purpose yards. (1. James Brooks, 5,596 yds 2. Carnell Williams, 5,084 yds 3. Bo Jackson, 4,892 4. Joe Cribbs, 4,561 yds 5. Thomas Bailey, 6. Ben Tate, 7. Brent Fullwood, 8. Ronnie Brown, 9. Onterio McCalebb, 10. Mario Fannin, 11. Stephen Davis).

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