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Popular video game developer best known for ‘Twisted Metal’ is an Auburn fan

So popular has Tiger Pause: Tracking Auburn in Pop Culture become even Bama fans feel obligated to cough and jerk their heads toward Auburn hoodies (thank you, Matthew Phillips). This particular Auburn hoodie is being regularly worn by David Jaffe, a video game developer who seems to have garnered a bit of cult following by interacting with fans of his games via YouTube, etc. (the Wizard Behind the Auburn Hoodie).

I know very little about video games made after Revenge of Shinobi, but I have seen a commercial or two for Twisted Metal, Jaffe’s greatest claim to fame and the second-longest running Play Station-exclusive franchise ever—people have been twisting metal since 1995. There’s a new installment coming out in a couple of weeks. And Jaffe wants to tell you about it—or at least tell you about something. While wearing an Auburn hoodie. And cussing a bit too unsafely for work (at least in the first video — can’t see it? Try here, try the second one here).

Wikipedia has Jaffe down as a Mountain Brook native, so we are classifying this as legitimate fan expression.

First ever Eagle Eye Award For a Bama Fan goes to Matthew Phillips.

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