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Nova vs. Robo-Nova—who would win?

Sure it’s nifty and all, and sure, it won’t leave “eagle grease” on a luxury box window unless you want it to leave “eagle grease” on a luxury box window, but how does Robo-Nova, the ornithopter made by Auburn engineering students late last summer (and made famous by TWER on the day of its football practice facility test flight), measure up to Real-o-Nova in terms of pure crowd-pleasing, rah-rah raptor ferocity? In other words, who would win in an eagle fight?

Watch this two-year old footage recovered from a camera mounted to an eagle-esque ornithopter that was flown into the wild blue yonder by some Joe Vimeo only to be attacked by an actual eagle before you answer.

via Jalopnik.

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