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Human pyramid towers over late ’70s Toomer’s rolling

Fear of a Toomer’s apocalypse is nothing new. In 1978, folks worried that downtown renovations would Updyke the tradition of rolling Toomer’s Corner to extinction (they’re taking away our power lines. What are we going to roll, the oaks or something?) So folks started having fun while the funnin’ was good. They rolled cops. And they got on each others’ shoulders.

Attractive intersection structures? “Transformer type technology? “Nah,” says 1977 Auburn, “HUMAN PYRAMIDS!”

*Sure, technically not a pyramid, but what are we supposed to call it? And maybe they were working on a pyramid.

Photo from the 1978-79 Tiger Cub.

More on the the Toomer’s oaks: Here’s what the type of tree that might replace Toomer’s Corner looks like / Wire system being considered as temporary solution for rolling Toomer’s / On the feasibility of a Toomer’s Corner transplantToomer’s Corner rollings didn’t start with Punt, Bama, Punt, says History / Did Auburn students celebrate Bear Bryant’s death by rolling Toomer’s Corner

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