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Fan suggestions for Toomer’s structure include ‘Transformer type technology’

More than meets the eye?

Last week, EDSBS suggested a roll-able, robot Jimmy Rane could fill the celebratory void at Toomer’s Corner.  The Committee to Determine the Future of Rolling Toomer’s Corner would have welcomed the idea. In fact, included in the sample of suggestions printed in the report recently released by the committee, amid genuine horror at the prospect of some sort of tree sculpture, and genuine fear that Bama fans would strike / Spike again if real trees got the go ahead, there was a seed of something kinda sorta similar, something incapable of being Spike’d, something impervious to mockery (because if you mocked it it might morph into a tiger or a pressure-treated 2×4 with a little yellow tag or a Death Blossom-equipped Gunstar and kill you).

“I prefer Option #3, return the rolling tradition back to Toomer’s Corner and away from the trees,” opined one Auburn fan, a 1984 Auburn graduate. “We have many talented individuals who could design appropriate structures. Encourage the design of structures that can be mechanically morphed into something that can be rolled (I know it sounds like science fiction but think ‘Transofrmer’ type technology). Make them into architectural marvels that have completely different forms between game wins.”

The idea didn’t receive much play at the committee’s last meeting, but this is totally the way we should go: Transformers. You may have killed the Toomer’s Oaks, Al from Dadeville, but you will never kill TOOMERUS PRIME!  Believe in work—hard word, Auburn engineers, and make this happen. The legacy of Robo-Nova demands nothing less.

More on the the Toomer’s oaks: Here’s what the type of tree that might replace Toomer’s Corner looks like / Wire system being considered as temporary solution for rolling Toomer’s / On the feasibility of a Toomer’s Corner transplantToomer’s Corner rollings didn’t start with Punt, Bama, Punt, says History / Did Auburn students celebrate Bear Bryant’s death by rolling Toomer’s Corner?

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