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Danny Glover talks to Bo Jackson’s commercial in Lethal Weapon 2

How ubiquitous (are there degrees of ubiquity?) was Bo Jackson on the eve of the 1990s? His biceps were incorporated into not one but two (and we’re sure there are more) of the major-est motion pictures of the era.

But unlike the opening scenes of Pretty Woman, the Lethal Weapon 2 cameras didn’t just pan past a television with Nike’s “Another Day, Another Hobby” commercial for its Bo Jackson Cross-Trainers on in the background or something. No, Danny Glover actually engaged Bo the pitchman in conversation: “Yeah—another day, another hobby… what’s new?”

I’m not sure what would bolster Bo’s pop culture status more: That this scene was written exactly this way, or that the commercial just happened to be on the television they had hooked up and Danny just went with it and they kept it in for realism.

Eagle Eye Award to cigar-lovin’ Walt Austin.

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