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  1. It’s the 2nd Auburn mention on the show so far!!! Keep waiting to see someone wearing a shirt or cap or something!!!

  2. If I remember correctly one of the previous characters, a vet went to Auburn and the dad of the lawyer was an Auburn fan. We have gotten several mentions. The past episodes are on Hulu if you want to watch….be warned this is definitely a chick show 🙂

  3. I remember when that AU pennat was noted on some soap, that a prop designer or someone with the station in an Auburn alum. Same person?

  4. Clint, that was in the bar on General Hospital (totally embarrassed with that knowledge being in my head!!!).

    So, where do y’all think the fictional Bluebell is located? Near Magnolia Springs or Bay Minette?

  5. as a resident of Baldwin County, near Bay Minette, I gotta weigh in and vote Tensaw or maybe Silver Hill would be my guess….Bay Minette isn’t quite “quaint” enough and Magnolia Springs isn’t big enough….Like the show, though….

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