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Auburn vapor-wake detection dogs featured on CBS This Morning

Auburn University’s Canine Detection Training Center continues to keep the world safe, and to get credit for it.

Two Auburn-trained (presumably) vapor-wake detection dogs, Izzy and Zoom, were featured this morning on a CBS This Morning news segment about the necessary evolution of the bomb-sniffing dog.

CBS shot footage of the dogs doin’ their $20,000 thang in Auburn and interviewed John Pearce, Associate Director of Auburn University’s Canine Detection Research Institute.

Pearce is the same person we spoke with last May after news broke that a vapor-trail “war dog” possibly trained in Auburn was part of the American commando unit that stormed Osama bin Laden’s compound. According to the Washington Post, the dog used in the bin Laden operation was trained for combat environments at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas, but a New York Times story claimed that the primary function of dogs used by Navy SEALS is finding explosives. That means it’s possible the dog received that particular part of his education on the Loveliest Village.

“Funny that you called, we were just talking about that,” Pearce told us at the time. “We haven’t heard that [it was an Auburn-trained dog]. No one has called to tell us that or anything.”

Pearce says that there are many training programs similar to Auburn’s across the country.

But Auburn’s is the best, right?

“Oh yeah, ours is the best.”

h/t Miles Ball.

Related: Founder of Navy SEAL team that killed bin Laden is an Auburn grad.

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