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Auburn Academy Sports says “Roll Tide!”

What's wrong with this picture? Academy Sports and Outdoors corporate has no idea.

There are few things worse in this Auburn life than a Lee County Bama fan. Which means that the Academy Sports in Auburn might, God forbid (please, God—forbid, forbid hard, with the rage of 1,000 honey badgers), literally be the last place on earth you’d want to be on Monday night.

The sporting goods chain is, like last year, plastering its Alabama locations with signage alerting shoppers that stores will be on standby to sell pre-printed BCS Championship gear in the event of a Tide win… and the Auburn store is no exception.

Ignoring the footballin’ folkways and mores of regional markets is the kind of boneheaded marketing that leads to boycotts (Auburn fans don’t play around), the kind that could cancel out (and then some) whatever profits they anticipate taking in from the unwashed.

That the giant “Roll Tide” banner was recently removed from the roof would indicate that they’re already catching flack, but the entrance (and we’re assuming the back room) continues to live in sin.

h/t Kenny Smith; roof photo via the Auburn Villager, which quotes a manager on the lack of LSU gear.

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