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The press release announcing Bo Jackson as the 1985 Heisman Trophy winner

Continuing in our heartily-researched, interview-heavy retrospective series on the campaign to bring the Heisman Trophy to Auburn for the second time, which so far includes an interview with Tony Barnhart, a look at the un-campaign of ’84, an interview with Randy Campbell about his country Bo ballad, a comparison of the Bo and Cam pre-Heisman SI covers, and my “Bo Jackson has a cold” story… and which better get fast-tracked before the blinding, newly-bronzed light of The Blessed Individual blots out whatever interest remains.

You send out a link to an old post that’s once again relevant and that maybe not a lot of folks saw the first time you posted it, and then Dan Wetzel retweets it and you flush with the thrill of an unexpected traffic surge (totally addictive) and they you’re like, ‘wait a minute, we’ve got tons more currently-relevant materiel related to Bo Jackson’s Heisman Trophy than just the promotional materials that helped Bo land the trophy, stuff we never did anything with,’ stuff like the press release that announced him as the winner.

It includes the obvious noteworthies: closest race in history, Auburn’s second trophy, multi-sport superstar, right, right, right. But it also includes voter breakdowns by candidate / region, which might give it a little more clickable, tweetable historical hmmmph—I’m assuming those sorts of details aren’t readily available online—than mere memorabilia. Wouldn’t you agree, Dan?

Click to enlarge.

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