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The Bo Jackson of Bo Jackson collections

Write “Brian Bosworth” on the outside of an egg, crack it open on the pool table in the middle of David Painter’s basement, and it will cook in five seconds.

David Painter went over the top, as it were.

“I look back and say, ‘I must have been crazy.’ I guess for whatever odd reason some people collect salt and pepper shakers. I just happened to collect Bo Jackson.”

“Happened to collect” almost seems inadequate in describing what Painter, a life-long Auburn fan, has done with Bo Jackson, in the same way that “happened to play” would be an insult to what Bo Jackson did at the plate, or on the outfield wall, or between the hash marks. David Painter’s Bo Jackson collection is the Bo Jackson of Bo Jackson collections.

Over the course of nearly 30 years, Painter has turned the 1,200 square ft. basement of his Greenville, South Carolina home into a veritable Bo museum, piece by significant piece.  The collection has been featured in various newspapers. It’s been featured in Sports Collectors’ Digest. When Auburn’s athletic museum needed pieces for a display to commemorate Bo’s induction into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1998, they called Painter.

Royals Rookie JerseyAngels Broken Bat - Copy

He doesn’t know how many pieces he has—hundreds? thousands? He doesn’t know how much he’s spent on them. He doesn’t really want to know. It’s enough to tile his walls floor to ceiling with framed posters, game programs, Becketts guides, media guides, and Sports Illustrateds with Bo on the cover, and rare photos from almost every phase of Bo’s athletic career. Glass cases hold Bo’s football helmet from his junior year at Auburn and one of the bats he struck out with and broke over his thigh while batting for the Royals –those are worth the most, at least to Painter. But the most visually arresting thing in the room is a life-sized print of the photo of Bo going Over The Top [click top photo to enlarge], the iconic play that broke Bear Bryant’s stranglehold on the Auburn-Alabama rivalry. Somehow, even that thing is autographed.

“It was signed at Soxfest in ’93,” Painter says. “There is a company out of Charlotte, NC that makes life size murals. This one is done in three panels on a heavy, vinyl-type material. I rolled the one panel up in a poster tube and took it with me. When I returned home, the company came to my house and put it together on backer-board. It was a long, expensive project.”

No, that’s not Painter with a life-size wax statue of Bo, that’s actually him, posing with Painter while promoting the opening of James Snell Motors in Opelika in the early 90s. Many pieces from Painter’s collection were on display at the event.

But long and expensive kind of defined that level of collecting in the days before eBay. Most of Painter’s pieces were acquired via fan expo road trips and classified ads and back booth rendezvous at the Opelika Road Chili’s in the 80s and 90s, before the internet made it all so easy, so dull.

“I was always looking for something of value to add to my collection. Heck, the hunt was half the fun.”.

Only an analog-era level of commitment could justify flying an intermediary to Los Angeles to broker a deal with the Raiders’ former head trainer for Bo’s practice jersey, game-used pants, pads, even used (and of course autographed) ankle tape–that’s how I found out about David. He put the ankle tape up for auction on eBay. I saw it. He’s slowly trying to unload some of the later-era stuff. He sent me some pictures.

“I’m holding on to pretty much all of my Auburn stuff, it’s those items I cherish the most. I’d actually like to have one area of my basement for another project so it’s time to make room and let some other folks enjoy some of the collectables.”

“I guess as we get older our priorities do eventually change.”

David Painter can be contacted at [email protected]

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