The 1973 Auburn Delta Chi Miss Hot Pants pageant

When The Legendary (and lovely) Beverly Bradford (TLBB) dumped the Auburn Plainsman’s weekly Loveliest of the Plains feature, her first act of defiance as 1970-71 editor, she preemptively (and of course sarcastically) countered objections to the decision by listing the titles still available for Auburn coeds to compete for—Miss Rat Hat, Miss Fall Rush, Glomerata Beauties, Miss A-Day, Miss Ad Infinitum.

But she left off one of the most important and, in terms of pure lechery, the most similar to what The Loveliest had by that point become: MISS HOT PANTS.

We at TWER have profound respect for TLBB’s fiery brand of feminism. We present this gallery of never-before-see photos from the 1973 Delta Chi Miss Hot Pants pageant merely for posterity and to show how far we’ve come. Our conscious is clean.

Click the photos to enlarge them, then click them again to enlarge them some more.

My money was on Nancy Cammack (No. 44), but Mollie Hall definitely deserved to win—and Laura Lewis definitely had a shot. (That I can actually put names to some of these faces is merely indicative of my level of immersion in 1970s Auburn culture and should by no means be cause for alarm to any of the contestants.)

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Photos by Larry Parker.

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