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  1. Interest coincidence about three NFL players…Newton, Tomlinson, and Brown…obviously two of them were Auburn players but Tomlinson was also a Pat Sullivan recruit at TCU.

  2. I believe his reception was almost a TD too.. anybody know if that would have eliminated RB or LT?

  3. Looks to me like Cam has become an icon and entertainer…sure has people fired up in Charlotte about the Panthers again.

  4. Actually, he has four records and Ingram has five touchdowns, but as he will likely break Peyton Manning’s rookie passing mark AND LaDanian Tomlinson’s scoring record the joke still stands.

    There is still at least a chance for a seventh record – Eric Dickerson’s 18 rushing touchdowns in his rookie year. Cam’s on track to have 17 by the end of the year.

    Is there a record for the number of NFL records set in a year by a single player?

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