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Auburn’s giant eagle mascot—more than a myth?!?

It’s been a banner year for solving mascot mysteries, but we’re stumped.

Maybe we’re idiots. Maybe someone’s going to be all “what!!?? are y’all stupidd??11 That’s the so and so for so and so!”

All we know is that there exists in the 1988 Glomerata a caption-less photo taken at what looks to be an Auburn home football game (the context makes it seem like homecoming vs. Mississippi State) of an eagle mascot wearing a “War Damn Eagle” tank top, wing wrapped around Aubie like it ain’t no thang.

You've given us hell, you War Damn Eagle!

Did a rival school’s mascot lose a bet? Doubt it. The only team with a bird for a nickname we played that year was Kansas (Lord, that was a schedule), and it’s definitely not a jayhawk. Doesn’t look like the Seymour d’Campus (real name) from Southern Miss, either—and right, we didn’t play them that year.

Was it some some sort of promotional event for some sort of forgotten Eagle-in-the-name brand potato chips or sausage or gas station or energy drink or something?

Or once upon a less puritanical time—yes, we’re the Tigers, but trust us, this Tiger’s Only merchandising compulsion is relatively new—was there actually an eagle mascot walking the sidelines at Jordan-Hare Stadium, perhaps just for a single Saturday… just for kicks, just to see what would happen? And could it actually be that proposed eagle mascot we told you about, somehow hatched to life from that mid-70s, Alabama White Bear-era Biggin Hall drawing board?

We tried our best to get to the bottom of this one—well, not our best (haven’t hit the library yet), but pretty good. Now we’re content to simply post the photo and hope the bottom comes to us.

UPDATE: The bottom came pretty quick.

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