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  1. I don’t know which is more surprising, how awesome this conversion is, or that Jeremy Shelley hit a field goal.

  2. I graduated from UA many years ago, and cheered for four winning years. Then married an AU grad, and still cheered for UA. But, I visited Auburn 10 years ago; and was transformed immediately. I cannot explain it. It is truly a special place. War Eagle!

  3. “We had houndstooth, Bear Bryant, Denny Chimes, Hollywood Joe, Stallings, all 12 of our championships and everything else that set us apart.


    “Got Sports Disinformation? Written by Jeremy Henderson Alma Martyr with Jeremy Henderson,

    Jan 7, 2010

    Hey, wha’ happened?

    Finally, on the eve of their shot at Got 13?.
    Former Univ. of Alabama sports information director and current director of the Billy Graham Library (the irony!) Wayne Atcheson* recently told the Birmingham News that he essentially invented the claim to five pre-Bryant championships using the same sort of statistical end-around that would earn Auburn acclaim to like, five of its own. Atcheson in 2000, posing with his book ‘The Faith of the Crimson Tide.” Again, the irony. Fittingly, the Bama back office can’t even settle on when the revision took place; Atcheson says 1983, while the curator of the Bryant Museum claims it was with Bama’s 1986 media guide; both dates would imply that the hoax started as a morale boost in the in the long wake of Bryant’s death, which included Bama’s first losing season (1984) in decades. But what is certain is that 99 percent of Bama fans, college football’s flat-earth society, are living an officially admitted lie. Atcheson explains it thusly: “I want to say the right thing here,” Atcheson said. “I made the change because Coach Bryant had these 25 years and six national championships and they were emphasized so much. It was on all the stationery. And when I got there, it was a matter of seeing there were five others (before Bryant) and we should put them all together. It was as simple as that.”

    Do not know your true colors if you cannot get your numbers right. Ha!

  4. This is a fun read, though I’d guess your conversion has more to do with the fact that choices you make for yourself are better than those made for you by others. Either way, I agree that Auburn is wonderful. 🙂

  5. @John Felton, Isaac is very aware of the information you posted. At the risk of putting words in his mouth, I’m pretty sure he purposely put “12” because as a Bama fan would he have thought anything else?

  6. It is great to be an Auburn Tiger!!
    My brother in law was a huge Bama fan, until he enrolled at AU as a frosh.
    He saw the light, just as you did….

  7. The house where my mom’s family and I celebrate Christmas has that George Teague play Daniel Moor painting in it. The centerpiece was the one with Stallings on the player’s shoulders. It has since been replaced with “The Catch”. I don’t know if they replaced that one with a celebration of the ’09 championship or not. Funny thing is, the only other Auburn fan on that side of the family lives in the house.

  8. This is great. I have a pretty similar story, and i too am a communications major! This makes me sooo proud to be an Auburn fan! The thing about being an Alabama fan is they just don’t know. Once you go to Auburn you see the light!!! War Damn Eagle!!!

  9. Four of us went to the 2010 Iron Bowl. One was an 18 year old devout bama fan as raised by the parents. This was her first trip Tuscaloosa. Her seats were among the heartiest uat fans in the lower bowl. She switched before the first half ended after bama was up by 21 points. The reason she stated was that the fans turned her off by seeming to cheer more against the opponent rather than for the home team. She had made one trip to Jordan Hare for the Clemson game and had a great feel for the Auburn family. She remains a strong Auburn fan and in love with Lutz.

  10. Oh, man, I loved this article. I read it with enthusiasm. I think all Auburn fans read it with enthusiasm. The family, the chills, the excitemet…it is all too familiar. WAR EAGLE and welcome, officially to the FAMILY.

  11. Auburn fan or not, this is truly a great story. You know, I’ve slowly becoem a fan myself with my family, but once you visit the campus and a game at AU, there’s nothing like it. Glad to say I’m even part of the band and in my first year here. We don’t need all the fancy wins and titles, and who wants to root for a team that most people don’t know why they go for them, other than they win a lot? AU all in, War Eagle!

  12. I too am a Bama grad who was converted by the magic of AU. I also am married to an AU grad and was “shown the light” after several years of marriage and being around AU and the AU family. I also am attending AU now and can truly scream “War Eagle” with pride, as a result!

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