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RPM: “The Legend of Pat Sullivan” (1971)

Our latest installment of Rah-rahs Per Minute, TWER’s longstanding series focusing on the vinyl (and otherwise-formatted) sounds of Auburn Spirit too long relegated to the rotting Shasta box bulk-bins of our thrift stores and garage sales reveals that forty years before Lil’ Wayne went HAM Cam Newton, some dudes named Johnny and Kenny Wallis went Patridge Family Pat Sullivan.

Your lyrics:

There’s a legend in the making on the plains of Auburn U.
Where the hottest thing in football is wearing the orange and blue
They call him King Sully and in the two short years he’s ruled
He’s make the Tide a ripple and he’s tamed old Archie Who?

Listen to the crowd cheer—War Eagle they all roar
As Sully marches down the field rolling up the score
From the Dust Bowl up at Clemson to the great big Astrodome
They’re talking ’bout the legend of Pat Sullivan

Pat’s got an end named Beasley who’s really a sight to see
He’s faster than greased lightning, you’d think that he’s got wings
When Sully throws a long bomb and big Beasley takes it in
That goal line’s gonna be crossed you can bet at least nine times out of ten


They say the Heisman Trophy is gonna be his for sure
But he’d get that and more you know if they left it up to Shug
He’s bound to go No. 1 when the pros begin their choosing
And the day he signs his contract old Bear Bryant might stop a-losing

The B-side is an instrumental so you can sing along. And we have. Oh… we have.

Check out the other Sully standard from that year, “The Sullivan to Beasley Express.

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