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Rapping (Auburn grad) accountants go hard with “Cash Count”

Tyler W. Crawford (aka T-Dub) and AJ VanderWoude (aka VanderHood) are on a boat. Of balance sheets. With audited-themed Pashmina afghans.

By day, the 2010 Auburn graduates work at Birmingham accounting firm Barfield Murphy Shank & Smith (BMSS). By Saturday afternoon, they “put the count right back in the middle of ACCOUNTANT,” as you can see in this amazing video shot in exotic locations like Vulcan, and the replica Statue of Liberty off I-459.

“If this song were on an album, the name of the album would be ‘Debits and Street Credit,'” reads the description on the video’s YouTube page (which also lists the song’s lyrics). “If you’re confused by phrases in the video such as ‘agreed upon procedures’ then pat yourself on the back…it means you are not a nerd.”

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