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Ole Miss gives subliminal shout out to Auburn in national commercial

Sure, you have to have footage from an actual game, but couldn't they have liked, you know, used the crop function or something?

It almost feels wrong, piling on top of the program already at the bottom of the SEC West pile, but I can’t quite resist. My better angels are being bound and gagged.

So, in watching LSU destroy the Rebels last Saturday, I caught a glimpse of the Ole Miss commercial. I wasn’t exactly paying attention, but something grabbed me on what I’ll say was a subconscious level. What was it about those jets flying over Vaught-Hemingway? Makes me want to cheer for Auburn. Hmmm…Let’s rewind.

Jets again. Normal.
Beautiful autumn sky. Normal.
Cheering Mississippi fans. Abnormal given their season, but this is a commercial.
War Eagle banner.

Wait. What?

Pause and rewind again. Yep. There it is, taking up a big chunk of the bottom left hand corner of the screen: “WAR EAGLE”

See it on YouTube, 30 seconds in:

As one given to conspiracy theories, I have fantasies that an Auburn alumnus has somehow been implanted (a sleeper?!) on the athletics department information staff and is giving a major shout-out (on a nationally televised spot!) to Auburn fans. But let’s be reasonable here. We are talking about Ole Miss. I think we just have another example of a classic flub.

h/t Blake Herrin.

The Raleigh-living Paul Dryden is an Auburn native. Though he graduated from non-FBS Davidson College in North Carolina, he claims his stint in Auburn summer school gives him sufficient claim to holler “War Eagle!” whenever he sees an A superimposed over a U.

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