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Lutzenkirchen on the pregame playlist at Bryant-Denny—’I knew something wasn’t right’

Originally posted June 7, 2011.

Philip Lutzenkirchen sings along to the Cam Newton Band hit "Take The Football and Score and Come Back To Win From 24-0 and Go On To Win a National Championship."

My six-year-old daughter and I interviewed Philip Lutzenkirchen last week (for a TWER related project we’ll soon explain in greater detail, do stay tuned). It was the day after his 20th birthday. He was sweaty from a summer session of Yoxercise. He was sorry he was late. He was great.

For whatever reason, the Iron Bowl kept coming up — the touchdown, the buck dance. And, oh yes — what about what happened during warmups?

If you recall, those in charge of Bama’s gameday production authorized Bryant-Denny’s DJ to play “Son of  Preacher Man” and “Take The Money and Run” as Auburn players took the field for their pre-game walk-through.

I got to the game late too late to hear it, and only found out about the whole thing a day or two later. It was stupid. Tacky. Danceable. Typical. But what I wanted to know was whether The Blessed Individual was actually aware of what was happening, or whether he even could have been, i.e. whether he had ever even heard the songs before —one doubts a Bieber fan would have much room on his iPod for Dusty Springfield and the Steve Miller Band.

“You come out of the tunnel and you expect some upbeat music, like some rap music or rock music, and that’s the one thing I remember,” Lutzenkirchen said. “We were running out of the tunnel and I was kind of absorbing everything, because it was the first time I’d played at Bryant-Denny and probably the biggest Iron Bowl I’ve been in. And you run out on the field and I knew something wasn’t right because the music was weird. I didn’t think much of it, I didn’t really listen to the lyrics to see what song it was, but I was just like, ‘this is kind of bizarre, that they’re playing a slow-paced song right now.’”

If Cam was aware that Bama was trying to get under his impenetrable skin with the play list, Luzty says he didn’t let on.

“I’m sure he wasn’t,” he said. “But if he was, he probably just laughed it off.”

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