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Harvey Updyke signs not allowed on ESPN’s GameDay broadcast?

Would this sign make it on ESPN tomorrow? All signs point to no.

All those hilarious #ironbowlgamedaysigns ideas you came up with? You might have to leave the ones with the Harvey Updyke jokes at home.

According to an Auburn student assisting the GameDay crew this afternoon, an ESPN production assistant said GameDay “wasn’t allowing [signs referencing Updyke] in the GameDay area (outside Jordan-Hare Stadium) to be on TV.”

We asked ESPN to confirm whether or not Updyke-related signs would be censored from the College GameDay broadcast and received a statement from Keri Potts, a director in ESPN’s communications department:

“We are consistent at every GameDay site in that we effort to keep the GameDay signs in our set location college football and college sports-themed.  We try to prevent any call to action or promotional signs as the show is not an avenue for outside advertisers or the general public to promote their causes or interests.”

We’re not sure if a “Harvey Updyke poisoned my other sign” sign constitutes a call to action from outside advertisers but we are sure about what Harvey Updyke would say if he thought his GameDay sign would be censored: “You think I care?”

UPDATE: Now we’re hearing (from ESPN ) that Auburn University officials may be the ones leading the anti-Updkye signage initiative. But nothing indicating as much has been released via the Athletic Department’s various Twitter accounts, press releases, etc.

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