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  1. I first had a Dale’s Pale Ale on the Friday night after the National Championship. I was stuck in a Holiday Inn in Denver after a delay in LAX caused me to miss my connection back to Huntsville. It was served to me by an Auburn native who gave me a big “War Eagle” right as I sat down at the bar attached to the hotel. What had been a very trying week (I had flown from Phoenix to LA for work on Tuesday after the game), and an even worse day (I hadn’t been home in nearly a week) finally got better.

    Oh, and since it was late on a Friday night, the bartender had put the Championship Replay on the biggest TV in the place.

  2. Holy moley!! One of my favorite beers in the world is Oskar Blues’ Old Chubb. I always try to have it on hand. Fantastic Scottish heavy. In fact, I have a few in my fridge right now ready to go down the hatch tonight, but now I’ll say “War Eagle” after cracking the can. Auburn spirit in a can!

  3. One can only imagine how many things – and children – have been conceived in a bathtub in a trailer off Wire Road.

  4. That’s really neat to know the back story – I was turned on to Dale’s earlier this summer from a friend and have to say it is fantastic.

    I had developed a bit of beer snobbery over the last few years and would never have tried it (even though I like the can’s coloring, etc.) because it was in a can – at a friend’s urging this summer, I gave the brew a try and have been a big fan, and have drank many sixers, ever since.

    War Eagle Dale!!

  5. Darnells was the spot to get some great beer. Remember the Around the World tour you could do. But I would technically call it a hippie bar. I remember Mr. Resistor, Follow For Now, Southern Culture on the Skids, Plaid Camels, playing along with the Nothing Personals of the scene.

    I live in Colorado and definitely appreciate the southern hospitality of Oskar Blues. Great food and beer.

  6. Great read! I’m glad you followed up with him. I’d like to say I remember him from Darnell’s, but it’s all a beery haze.

  7. Tried this beer 2 years ago in Atlanta and loved it. Now I have even more reason to buy it by the case to bring back to Alabama….unless someone knows where it’s available here.

  8. I prefer the cans because, in an area where you can walk the streets with a beer in your hand, you can’t carry glass. Plus a can fits in my favorite coozie.

  9. Good news – found Dale’s Pale Ale and other Oskar Blues sixers at Frisky Whiskey exit 2 in West Point, GA!

  10. War Eagle!

    Great to know! That will make a great article for our Inbox Magazine about
    Universities and their beer makers.

    Cheers and War D. Eagle! (War Dale Eagle)

    David Ivey
    Black Bucket Brew Inbox Magazine Editor

  11. Great group and great beer. Four years ago when the Democratic National Convention was in Denver the Auburn connection paid off for the Alabama Democratic Party’s hospitality storefront in downtown Denver, Sweet Home AlObama. Dale and his brother helped make our hospitality area the hit of the convention and of course Dale’s Pale Ale was the official beer of Sweet Home. Their presences helped to remind many there of what passage of a Free the Hops bill would mean to Alabama. Today we are now seeing the positive effects of that bill. It wasn’t a political endorsement, but more of an Auburn and State of Alabama connection. Thanks again guys and War Eagle!


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