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  1. How ironic you included the promo for the 2010 Season DVDs in an entry for an errant T-shirt, as the set I’ve seen had the misnomer “University of Auburn” printed on the actual disks. Someone at XOS Digital should be beaten.

  2. It looks like a flying suplex is a cosmic pro wrestling move. Perhaps it’s something for the linebackers to try next fall?

    Found on Wikipedia:

    Suplex, flying attack combination …
    One wrestler would apply a stalling vertical suplex and elevate the opponent while the other wrestler executed a flying attack like a flying crossbody block or a missile dropkick from the top rope, driving the opponent to the ground from an elevated height.

  3. flying suplex- what happens when wareagletigersplainsmen gets translated into thai and then back into engrish.

  4. I’m going to Thailand next month. I’ll pick up as many as I can carry back if I run across any.

  5. The fact that its yellow. No respecting fan would buy it… unless it was bought from tailand

  6. The script at the very bottom is actually Japanese katakana (phonetic characters for words “borrowed” from other languages, in this case, borrowed from English).

    It translates into the Japanese version of “suplex”. Literally it reads:
    but spoken by a Japanese person would sound very very similarly
    to “suplex” except for the “pu” and the “ku” sounds. The ending “u” is mostly silent. (the japanese ‘R’ sound is very similar to the English ‘L’
    sound so the “re” could be read by us as “le”; double consonants “kk”
    imply a very slight pause before saying them)

    Japanese consonants always come with a vowel after them,
    except for the letter ‘n’. So they can’t directly make the “pl”
    sound in “suplex”. There is no “x” in Japanese so they approximate
    it with a “k” sound as in the “k” in “stinks”.

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