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Auburn inventors turning Highway 280 into Wi-Fi 280

You know when you were in middle school and you kept hearing people talk about this whole “information superhighway” thing, and for a split second you kind of, like, thought they might have been talking about an actual interstate of energy or something, with, like, modem-mobiles or something that would ferry us across the Matrix and into the New World Order? (I mean look at the graphic—what was I supposed to think?)

Well, thanks to some inventors at Auburn, now you don’t need to feel so dumb.

Three Auburn engineering professors, Gwen Thomas, Lloyd Riggs, and David Elton, and Ph.D. graduate, Andrew Sivulka, have developed some sort of fabric embedded with antennas that when incorporated into roadbeds has the ability to transmit cellular and Wi-Fi signals through the road, into your car, and up into your smartphone. And not just roads—apparently they can put the stuff in trees, buildings, the Go to Church or the Devil Will Get You sign, the Clanton peach, anything.

We’re talking Internet-65, Hot Spot Highway 280.

What are we talking? We’re talking MODEM-MOBILES.

Learn more about energy interstates here.

h/t Darby McCamy.

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