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Auburn alum in his late 70s trying to return rat cap stolen off Bama student at 1949 Iron Bowl

Pete Richeson at home with his Auburn memorabilia which includes a stolen 60-year old Bama rat cap and his prized bottle of Yuengling Lager.

All you 80-year old Bama wimps out there listen up.

If you’re the poor guy who got his rat cap stolen by an Auburn student 60 years ago, Pete Richeson is trying to make amends.

Richeson and his brother jacked a Bama frat boy’s beanie on the way to see the Tigers upset the Tide in the 1949 Iron Bowl in accordance with the custom of the day.

“That was one of the objectives… go to the ballgame, but look for a suitable victim that you could attack,” Richeson told WSFA News.

Richeson, who lives Marshall County, held onto the ratty spoil of war all these years.

“We took it back to Auburn and passed it around the dormitory at that time and we nailed it to the wall and it stayed there.”

Now he wants to give it back. Not because he feels guilty. Just ’cause. (Maybe it’s the Yuengling talking—that’s seriously the best Auburn memorabilia den-scape we’ve ever seen.)

“I must do something soon. Because really, we’re both close to 80 years old and I’m hoping he’s still alive” — whether to reward or to humiliate the man we can’t really tell.

Richeson’s requirements for claiming the cap? Naming the year it was taken (should be pretty easy since the score is written on it), the person of persons in the victim’s party (if there were any—trick question), and explaining why said victim couldn’t, or simply wouldn’t, chase him.

Stake your claim by emailing Richeson at [email protected]

Source: WSFA.com. h/t Allen McBride.

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