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Aubie stars in new round of T****n Motorhomes commercials

Families divide, friends separate. It’s the Iron Bowl. It’s like the excitement of Christmas, only terrifying.

A Red Bay, Ala motor home company with familial ties to the enemy is hopping in on the frenzy with a new marketing campaign that’s picking up some speed on YouTube.

Tiffin Motors (“Proud supporter of Auburn Athletics”) is owned by the Tiffin family, which has two former kickers for the University of Alabama among its members. Van Tiffin kicked the winning field goal for Alabama to beat Auburn in 1985. His son, Leigh, was also a kicker for the Tide.

To Tigers fans who might be bothered by the company’s partnership with Auburn— would Bama fans be down with Bo Burgers being a proud supporter of Alabama athletics?—General Manager Tim Tiffin offers comfort.

“Both Auburn and Alabama have such great traditions and fans that really support their teams,” Tiffin says. “At Tiffin we’ve enjoyed being a supporter of both teams. If you go visit Auburn, Tuscaloosa and a lot of other college towns on game day, you’re likely to find people tailgating in a Tiffin motorhome, so featuring Big Al, Aubie and other college mascots makes a lot of sense to promote our vehicles.”

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