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Toomer’s Corner featured in new Hyundai ad

Harvey Updyke has a new least favorite car company.

A picture of Toomer’s Corner shot during what looks to be the celebration after Auburn won the national championship is featured in a Hyundai.com advertisement in the latest issue of ESPN The Magazine.

The two-page, full-color ad is part of the car company’s new “Loyalty” campaign tied to its sponsorships of athletic programs at Auburn and 15 other universities.

The copy reads:

There will always be people who claim they were at THE game, as though being present was the only measure of loyalty. But true fans feel a greater connection than one created by mere ticket stubs. The pride they share stretches across time with people they know they’ll never met. Who stomped and cheered and sang and wept just like they do today. Because when you’re truly loyal—even if you’re not in the stadium—you ARE at every game. Including the ones before you were born. Especially the ones after you’re gone.


According to a spokesman for Hyundai of Auburn, a Hyundai tent and car display will be set up on Auburn’s campus for Saturday’s game against Ole Miss.

h/t @AtlantaAUClub, photo via Stephen Pickens.

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