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RPM: Smilin’ Jack gets creepy on Florida in 1975

Our latest installment of Rah-rahs Per Minute, TWER’s longstanding series focusing on the vinyl (and otherwise-formatted) sounds of Auburn Spirit too long relegated to the rotting Shasta box bulk-bins of our thrift stores and garage sales, is a further exploration of the Smilin’ Jack Smollon salvaged-from-the-dumpster-behind-the-WANI-in-Opelika oeuvre.

And it’s downright creepy.

We’ve heard him get wild, we’ve heard him get silly, but—maybe it was because they’d beaten us two years in a row—we’ve never heard him end a song by growling “kill’em Tigers, kill’em Tigers.” Sounds like it’s sampled from some sort of psycho killer 70s exploitation flick.

Send chills of 1975 rah-rah up the spine of your tailgate tomorrow—download the song here.

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