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Five Auburn coeds featured in Playboy’s “Girls of the SEC” pictorial

Haley Ann, seen above only from the waist up, is one of five Auburn coeds featured in the November issue of Playboy.

Playboy apparently liked what they saw during their April stop in Auburn.

The magazine selected more girls from Auburn for its latest “Girls of the SEC” pictorial than from any other school. It’s just been that kind of year on the Plains. [UPDATE: And apparently Playboy’s Chief Revenue Officer is an Auburn grad—that might have something to do with it.]

An Auburn coed, “Haley Ann,”—read our interview with her here— even introduces the photo spread, spelling out “SEC” in sparklers. One Auburn group shot features two girls in torn Auburn T-shirts and a third, “Brandy Evans,” in an oddly ripped Cam Newton jersey.

Unlike the 1989 pictorial, this edition doesn’t include any Auburn football players.

Playboy first came to Auburn in 1981 for their inaugural “Girls of the SEC” edition. They returned in 1989, 1994, and in 2001.

They were last in Auburn in 2007 (or was it Waverly?)

UPDATE: Five Auburn coeds posing for Playboy in Jordan-Hare in 1994 (somehow escaped our attention).

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