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Auburn fan records “Bama Fan Reaction…” performance art, posts to YouTube

Maybe it was the first time he threw not his body but somehow just his head into the bed while doing that velociraptor scream, or maybe when he tried to end it all with the ol’ remote-up-the-rectum trick… but despite all the adult, intellectual restraint that’s supposed to make me us judge such displays of schadenfreude far too base for our “Thinking Fan’s” servers, at some point…. well, at some point this became art.

Oh, it was when he started beating himself in the head with the shoe and screaming “we won!”

UPDATE: It WAS too good to be true. Apparently—we were either too lame or too cool to know—this is actually an borrowed, voyeuristic glimpse into World Of Warcraft addiction, a Mom-ordered detox. But we’re just thankful that there are other options available to spoof your rivals with than that Hitler and his advisers video. War Eagle, anyway.

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