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Auburn English professor on Jeopardy! today, gives ‘War Eagle’ in promo

This Auburn University English professor makes her first appearance on “Jeopardy!” tonight. Her teaching interests include late nineteenth- and twentieth-century American literature and culture, as well as visual culture and film.

Who is Sunny Stalter?

The 34-year-old trivia buff passed an online test in February, made it through an in-person audition in Kansas City, and finally made it on an episode of the popular quiz show taped last month in Los Angeles.

“This has been on my bucket list for a while,” Stalter says. “I tried out for the teen tournament at age 14. My parents drove me six hours to the audition at the Mall of America. I tried again in grad school, my second year teaching here (2008), and this summer. It finally worked!”

She can’t tell us if she won, and she says that no, there were no Auburn references in her episode—no “Cam Newton for $1,000, Alex.

But she did give a “War Eagle” in her “Hometown Howdie” video:

And she could confirm that Alex was a cool dude.

“Oh yeah. He was still recovering from his crime-fighting injury, so he had a boot on one leg,” Stalter says. “He did interviews from the podium, too. But he was super friendly to contestants after the show, and he answered audience questions on commercial breaks.”

Stalter told her students about her upcoming appearance upon returning from taping. She and her husband are hosting a party to watch the episode which airs in Auburn at 6 p.m. on CBS.

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