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Attorney for Harvey Updyke says Toomer’s Oaks worth only $20

Trick or Treat!

Forty bucks.

All the hysterics over the poisoned trees at Toomer’s Corner is much ado about $40—one Old Hickory for each oak.

That’s what the latest attorney for Harvey Updyke claimed in court this morning while arguing that the charges against his client be reduced accordingly.

Attorney Everett Wess cited an Alabama statue that places the value of “any cypress, pecan, oak, pine, cedar, poplar, walnut, hickory or wild cherry tree, or sapling of that kind” destroyed by a person other than the consenting “owner of the land” at $20.

That would qualify the charges against Updyke not as a Class C Felony, but as a Class B misdemeanor.

Updyke’s trial is scheduled to start on Halloween.

h/t Evan Woodberry.

UPDATE: The prosecutors respond.

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