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VIDEO: Gene Chizik Challenges Auburn Students at Pep Rally

Gene Chizik spoke to Auburn students Thursday night at a campus pep rally held in The Village. The scene was reminiscent of last year’s “All In” pep rally prior to the Clemson game. There was no coining of a new Auburn slogan this time. There was also no Cam.

It was rumored (ever so slightly) that the Blessed Individual was in town, that he was on campus, that would be making a surprise appearance. He did not. The SUV that arrived via police escort delivered only Gene.

But the grace of Gene—we love you Gene—was more than sufficient.

He talked about the recent Sports Illustrated article that listed Auburn’s gameday experience as the second best in the country. He talked about winning streaks.

“We’ve got the longest winning streak in the country right now. On Saturday, they’re going to have to come in and take that from us, because we’re not giving it to them.”

And he ended, as is his style, with a please-we-need-all-the-help-we-can-get challenge:

“Come early, be loud, and stay late and celebrate. War Eagle.”

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