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The Auburn Football Review: Auburn vs. Texas, 1991

They left Phil Snow for a younger man years ago, and now even Auburn’s televised fling with Rod Bramblett is over. Yes, from everything we’ve heard / seen WSFA’s Jeff Shearer tweet, The Auburn Football Review— that glorious Sunday ritual that made Carl a freaking genius and that baptized us weekly in the mighty mucus of Pat Dye’s holy cough—is dead, the victim of the innovative Two-A-Days‘in of Auburn Football: Everyday. And so let us take the opportunity of Auburn’s loss to a team clad in orange to remember the show in its pre-Bowden glory by enjoying (via TWER’s state of the art digital conversion process) Phil and Coach (and Coach Grandson—don’t remember that) fast forward through the highlights of what a defensive conquest (14-10) of a group of orange jerseys can look like.

It’s AUsome.

[We’re removed the commercials, but if you need / want something close to the full experience, click here (Dye loves Coke), here (Dye loves Golden Flake), and here (Dye loves Osmose Pressure-Treated Pine from Great Southern Wood) every seven minutes or so. And here if you want to pretend that Dye is still coaching, or to be reminded that we nevah worry about the Tide (now available as a ringtone!), punch this at will.]

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