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T-Pain Thinks Auburn Sucks

Yes, Auburn has been given less of a shot at repeating as national champions than any team ever, real or imagined. Yes, pollsters not named Tom Scocca officially booted us to the curb of the unranked for losing winning a game (ahhh… Nowhere Else But Auburn).

But the sure sign that the Tigers have fallen out of favor with the football gods, a sign to be revealed via AutoTune in an upcoming episode of Adult Swim’s Squidbillies (which seems to have a penchant for dissing SEC football teams)?

T-Pain thinks we suck.

Yes friends, save all that stuff from last week, Tiger Pause hasn’t been on the smoothest of tips lately. Auburn fans being murdered by Bama fans in rap videos, Old Navy’s Iron Bowl nightmare. And now T-Pain… our beloved T-Pain… despite the concert, despite game days, despite Photoshop (or, right, maybe because of it), despite the GIFs, despite the downloads and getting even senior southern citizens to go their hands up and stay them there during bus rides to Atlanta and flights to Glendale… Auburn sucks.

He probably doesn’t even think we’ll be bowl eligible. If you know what I’m sayin’.

h/t Miss @ElonEvora.

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