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  1. You know what’s interesting to me? The fact that their sign before last year’s game said something about paying tithes to the Newtons. And this was in September, long before any of the allegations came out. Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Were more people involved at MSU in trying to get Cam? Or was it just already known and talked about there? I’m still amazed they’ve come out of the whole deal with no real bad press being thrown their way.

  2. Why do you say “Cecil’s asking price”? Wasn’t he approached by Kenny Rogers?
    I think this is a media myth we, as Auburn people, don’t need to continue to let grow. Thanks.

  3. The sign last year said “Cam’s on the way, hide ya kids, hide ya wife” in reference to him stealing the laptop.

  4. @wareaglereader @SBCoffeehouse See if Kenny Rogers will rent your sign #stupiddawg

    Ha, @JLL_AU03 @wareaglereader Double tweeting? You must be new to twitter. I can give you advice if you like. $180,000.00/hr.

    @SBCoffeehouse @wareaglereader Sounds good! Do you have Bill Bell’s #? LOL

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