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Spirit Fine But Likely Won’t Fly Saturday

No Harm, No Fowl.

Spirit likely won’t fly before Auburn’s game with Florida Atlantic University this Saturday. But it has nothing to do with injuries or with PETA.

“He’s had practice flight already and he’s flying just fine,” Dr. Jamie Bella, Director of the Southeastern Raptor Center Director, reported over the weekend. “I’ve examined him, I’ve done blood work, and even though I didn’t feel he would have a fracture based on how well he was doing in the exam I did some radiographs just to be sure he doesn’t have a crack or something that might make me want to put him on injured reserve.”

No cracks, no fractures. No injuries. He’s good to go for gameday— if called upon.

“There’ no reason he couldn’t fly, but it’s about Nova’s turn to fly and that would be the reason, if Spirit doesn’t fly at the next game, why he doesn’t,” Bellah said. “It’s not that he’s injured, it’s that it’s about Nova’s turn.”

Watch the full interview with Bellah here.

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