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  1. “It appears that Auburn will try to contain him to same way they’ve gone up against the Randall Cobbs, Julio Joneses, and AJ Greens recently, and that’s by throwing a committee of defenders at him and mixing things up on him.”

    Yeah! That plan worked so well last season. I think they most of them had over 100 yds receiving at halftime.

  2. It’s discouraging, Patrick, but it’s hard to think of any real alternative. Last year, you couldn’t just stick Demond Washington on any of those guys and let him get beat all day. And this year, it’s not going to be any better just locking in T’Sharvin Bell on him. So I suppose they just HAVE to throw different bodies on him and show him different looks and tendencies — at least until something sticks.

  3. AU’s best best is Steven Garcia being the Steven Garcia AU knows and loves…
    Lots of TOs from the QB position giving AU some cheap scores….
    and the AU O playing like their hair is on fire…


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