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Netflix Iron Bowl: Trends in Auburn and Tuscaloosa Movie Rentals, Week 4

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In good times and bad...

Week 4 of college football is upon us, bringing with it the opportunity for both Auburn and Alabama to answer questions about themselves. Auburn looks to rebound from their first loss in almost two calendar years as the Tigers play host to Florida Atlantic. In Tuscaloosa, the Crimson Tide play host to Arkansas in a key SEC West matchup. So what have residents in Auburn and Tuscaloosa been watching to prepare for their teams’ latest home game? Let us to Netflix’s Local Favorites page for answers…

It is with a heavy heart that I finally have to write about what the good people of Auburn, Alabama were watching after their Tigers lost a game. Auburn’s youth journeyed into Death Valley and the nation’s longest winning streak (17 games) was snapped. I mentioned last week that the Auburn Family was watching Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous in preparation for the team’s journey of self-discovery on the road and it appears that Auburn residents are leaning on Penny Lane & Stillwater to help deal with the aftermath of the loss.

Almost Famous is still a Top 3 movie in Auburn and I can’t help thinking the themes of heartbreak and reconciliation found in the movie are resonating with the Auburn Family. I know I also used the clip last week, but I think the scene on the bus after the band had a huge fight represents how a family can overcome struggles.. together. If the shift from heartbreak to hope was ever captured on cellulose without a word spoken, it is in this clip. Of course, the road to redemption is not paved with Almost Famous alone.

Other local favorites of note are Thor and The Book of Eli. What better way to rebound from a loss than by watching how the Mighty Thor dealt with his fall from grace as a deity and his struggle as a man to find redemption? The Book of Eli lays out a blueprint for how Auburn should improve. Eli was tasked with protecting an important text, even if it came with great personal sacrifice. Knowing only work—hard work—will allow him to succeed, Eli serves as an inspiration to Auburn fans as their team looks to redeem themselves from their struggles last week. Auburn residents clearly know their work to be done, and clearly they will support their team every step of the way, but their penchant for 3:10 to Yuma shows they know these young Tigers must improve in order to come through their brutal October with minimal damage.

If their viewing habits are any indication, Tuscaloosans appear to be gearing up for a “slobberknocker” on Saturday against the Arkansas Razorbacks. The No. 2 movie in Tuscaloosa this week was SWAT: Fire Fight. There’s no doubt that this weekend’s SEC opener will be a tough, physical battle and fans in Tuscaloosa are preparing themselves for battle by watching an action-packed sequel. Judging by other local favorites Knight and Day and Tropic Thunder, fans know their team will be in for what is arguably their toughest test this season and they’re seeking reassurance. Both films involve ordinary people dealing with extraordinary circumstances.

Week 4’s Matchup of Note: LSU vs. West Virginia

Week 4 brings with it an intriguing matchup that pits the SEC vs. the Big East. Netflix leads me to believe that fans in Morgantown are taking the us against the world track. They’ve been watching The Patriot ala FSU last week (although I’m sure folks in Morgantown are hoping their battle against an invading force goes more like the Americans’ and less like FSU’s). A second favorite for Morgantown is Priest. Mountaineer fans are probably much like Priest in that he was the only one who truly believed that the vampires had returned after years of believing they’d all been killed. Priest maintained his conviction and was eventually proven right. It seems not many outside of Morgantown give the Mountaineers a chance against the Tigers, but it seems folks in town still have faith that their team can pull off the upset.

What are they watching in Baton Rouge to prepare for the big game? I think only one movie needs to be mentioned: The Prestige. I’m starting to wonder if Les Miles is actually a magician turned football coach. The guy has more tricks up his sleeve than both The Professor and The Great Danton combined. Seems fans in Louisiana’s capital agree and have embraced their quirky coach. Hey, no matter what you think about him, there’s no denying the guy’s a winner, even if he does have to use magic.

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Stephen Savage writes at “Movies ‘n Munchiesand is considered by his mother to be the best blogger on all things movie and food related. Holding two degrees from Auburn University, Stephen is proud to call himself an Auburn Man. He currently spends his time working on his blog. He is available for freelance work and retirement parties.  Follow his blog on Twitter @moviesnmunchies.

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