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  1. Wow. What a fun search for discovery, though. And amazing how random other events/questions to people can result in the answer.

  2. This is great! I mean I think I have heard it all now…

    I don’t remember the IB being shown on TV back in the early 1970’s… so I didn’t get to see the games except on the football reviews with Shug or Bear.

    Now that you mention it… this could be because of the Bear… or the fact that Coke loved to advertise with Bama. But they did with us too if memory serves.

    Either way… I am laughing my tail off.

    Hey Elvis, Keep it down home Cuz!

    War Eagle!

  3. I know that pic with #18 from AU and #32 from UA with the bear in the background would look great on

  4. How about a little credit? I called it in the comments of the original White Bear article. Well, maybe I didn’t call it, but I linked to a picture of Icee Bear.


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