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Jordan-Hare Cracking Down on Throwing Footballs Out of the Stadium

Not so fast, my friend.

There was wave of booing early in the Utah State game directed first toward the person who caught the football kicked through the uprights for the Aggies’ first extra point and hesitated chucking it out of the stadium, then toward the cops for ejecting the person who finally did manage to toss it.

You were just keeping with “semi-tradition”? The Jordan-Hare Powers That Be don’t really care.

From today’s Plainsman:

“If that type of behavior occurred, as a minimum the person would be escorted from the stadium,” said Captain Tom Stofer of the Auburn police. “But, we could take other action.”

That other action is an arrest on a charge of theft of property. No arrests have been made in relation to the practice, but students are still annoyed by the possibility of punishment.

“It’s just a football,” said Adam Lucy, freshman in biomedical sciences. “It’s just kind of a waste of time for them. It’s not like they need it.”

Kirk Sampson with athletic media relations says that police have discretion in the stadium to carry out the policies in place.

The Auburn Fan Guide lays out the law on throwing anything from Jordan-Hare.

“Do not throw objects, including cups and ice, from the stands or any other area of the stadium. Anyone caught throwing objects will be subject to ejection from the stadium and/or arrest.”

… pigskin peer-pressure be damned.

Read the full story here.

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