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Harvey won’t apologize for poisoning the oaks—but what about the trees around them?

I'm not saying I did it, I just want you to forgive me for it.

Yesterday on the Paul Finebaum show, Harvey Updyke again stopped short of (re) admitting to poisoning the Toomer’s oaks while apologizing to Auburn fans for all the “damage” he’s done.  But maybe he’ll admit to poisoning the trees around them.

Traces of Spike 80DF have now been found in several hollies, a water oak and a crape myrtle near the oaks.

“We’re not sure that it’s spreading or that it was carried over when the poison was on the ground,” Dr. Scott Enebak, director in the university’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Science, told the OA-News Wednesday.

How was it carried over?


“We think it got moved in [Toomer’s Corner celebrations occurring after the poisoning] and then the trees took that material up.”

Enebak also said that you can again assure your grandmother that her concerns about the herbicide seeping into the Au­burn water supply remain unwarranted.

“It’s not in the water,” Enebak said. “It’s not in the soil.”

Watch our April interview with Auburn Turf Management professor Dr. Scott McElroy as he examines the condition of trees near the oaks plaza here.

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