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  1. Hmm.. can’t say I’m a fan, mostly due to the color, which is not Auburn (navy) blue at all. (Florida might feel right at home when they visit next month, though).

    Then again, I wasn’t sure about the new murals when they first went up, but now I love them. They look great from the student center lawn.

  2. Absolutely hideous. Can we not just beautify the structure of the stadium itself rather than junking it up with tacky banners? Embarrassing.

  3. Boy that looks awful.

    Everything else that was done to the stadium the last few years has looked very good, until this. Why is this necessary and what does it add? Auburn’s “designers” were on a roll, but I guess they couldn’t help themselves and pushed it too far. I believe the applicable industry term is JUMP THE SHARK.

    Is Auburn bringing back much maligned the “jungle” motif? If so, our detractors will be so pleased to have some nice fodder to play with.

  4. Actually, the shipment of material was intended for a factory in China making 80s hair band Halloween costumes.

  5. Pretty sure it’s gonna be pulled tight, so it won’t continue to look like a “shower curtain.” I’ll wait till I see it in person, but I don’t think it will be off-putting, and you can’t really use navy on navy if you want the tiger stripes.


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