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  1. Well done Justin. Always liked reading these from Jerry to get fired up for the weekend. Glad you have taken over the tradition.

    Off topic for anybody reading this – I’ve been beating my head against the wall trying to find an iphone app that will let me listen to the radio broadcast on my phone. Not having much luck. Found one that claims it will work but was just put up this week. No reviews yet obviously. All the internet streams used to be “free” so you could use I Heart Radio, etc to just pull that stream from a local affiliate or whoever was streaming. Trying to figure out if the AU Network has gone the route of MLB & NFL to stop these free streams so they could sell it to us. That’s fine but the only thing I can find is the All-Access they’re selling for $80 a year. That’s pretty steep when I can listen to any MLB game all year long with a $15 – now $10 – app. Just curious if anybody else has any knowledge on this deal and if the free internet streams of the game from individual radio stations are really over. Trying to help my brother out so he can listen to the game while off in Arizona this weekend, but it’s something I’ll also use as the season goes on. Just seems like something the AU network folks would have jumped all over with a reaonable pay app already. Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions. War Eagle.

  2. I think they have taken to blacking out online radio streams in favor of All-Access. That is to say, the game would be on 97.7 Kicker FM, but if you tried listening to their online stream on their website, it would be blacked out. I’m not sure if it would also be unavailable on the iPhone app. If it gets its streams straight from the station, it may be on there, but if it gets it through the online stream, probably not.

    I’m not sure, though, if AU Radio Network is getting their affiliates to black it out just for All-Access, or if there are other similar things like it, like a iPhone app or whatever. Hopefully there’s an alternative out there. If not, maybe you could just pay $10 for a month of All-Access instead of $80 for a whole year.

  3. Thanks Justin. I saw the monthly rate deal as well. Guess I may go that route but I like listening to the basketball and baseball games so it’s probably a wash on the cost over time. Yeah, I get what your saying on the actual radio broadcast vs. internet stream. Used to be the same way with Braves games. Now you gotta buy the MLB app. Everybody is cashing in these days. And I don’t entirely have a problem with it. Just thought the cost was a bit excessive for what a lot of people are actually wanting. Not “all-access” – just a radio feed. Might be a bit prohibitive for folks whereas they could have put together an iphone app to be the exclusive (only ticket in town) for the radio feed on mobile devices – charged $20 a season – and made a killing.

    2nd problem I have with it is that it’s not even an app. It’s just internet all-access to this program from what I’ve read so far. From what I’ve found – there is no true radio app in the app store for the game broadcasts if it’s really blacked out on the individual stations. So from an i-phone standpoint, if the radio feed is streamed through all-access, I wonder if it even works with the iphone since a lot of the streams are flash-based.

    So many questions, so little time. I’m just used to typing something like this in google and having an answer pretty quick after a little digging. This seems to be a bit of a mystery on how it’s going to go. Might need to call Foy. Ha. Maybe I’ll hit the stream for a station tomorrow through ootunes and it will work like always. If not, the network really dropped the ball on something that could have made them a lot of money with a simple app.

  4. It does appear that radio streams (but radio streams only) will work on an iPhone through All-Access.

    Maybe that could work for you if you can’t find a less costly alternative. I had a subscription to All-Access for a while back in 09, I think, mostly just for Every Day and some basketball. No real complaints.

    I can understand their idea not to separate football or basketball radio broadcasts into their own packages, I guess. They want folks to support every sport (both by watching, and financially with the subscription). “ALL IN”, as it were.

  5. Thanks very much for that info. That definitely helps to make my decision. At least I know it would work if I fork out the clams. Still a bogus amount of money relative to what all the other leagues, teams, etc. are charging for radio broadcast mobile apps. This is not what Al Gore and I had in mind when we invented the internet. Have a good weekend. War Eagle. Down with Aggies (the Utah and Texas variety).

  6. I hope our defense makes huge strides this week. I can only hope we recover as well as Oklahoma did after almost losing to Utah State last year. lol

    WAR EAGLE!! Support our team, guys! A slight rant: I was sickened to see so many Auburn fans around us QUIETLY SITTING with 4 minutes to go when Utah State was lining up for that 4th down play that — barring the miracle that came later — should’ve/would’ve won the game for them!! No excuse for that. I turned around and yelled “GET UP, PEOPLE!!! THIS IS FOR THE GAME HERE!!?!!!” and a few got up, but many still didn’t. If you can’t get up for a 4th down play in the closing minutes of the game, what could you ever get up for??

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