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Deadspin Ranks Auburn No. 1 in the Land

There's a reason why the photo Deadspin went with for its preseason rankings post is of the confetti that fell on Cam and Co. in January.

Finally— a Top 25 with some balls!

Yes, according to Deadspin.com, Auburn is on top of the college football world until someone mans up and knocks us off.

1. Auburn

Investigation? Nobody cares. The champ is the champ till someone beats the champ. On the field. Whiners elsewhere in the S.E.C. can stop phoning in tips about Cam Newton and start investigating why their teams weren’t in the Tostitos BCS National Championshp Game. (A: Because they weren’t as good as Auburn.)

See you in hell, Utah State.

UPDATE: Good heavens, the bit on Bama is even better:

20. Alabama

Did we mention that Auburn is the reigning national champion? Would ranking Alabama somewhere in the top 5 change that? It would not. Win some games, Alabama. And by “some games” we mean “every game on the schedule, plus the BCS title game.” Otherwise, you’re failures.

Read the rest here.

h/t @Maggie_McDaniel.

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