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Auburn’s Eagle Spirit Flies into Skybox Window Before Game

UPDATE: New video provides better view of pregame beak bender.

They can call it a “senior project” all they want, but it’s beginning to seem as if Robo-Eagle was built for good reason: Spirit is a drunk. And both he and Nova are just getting way too good at scaring the hell out of Auburn fans:

In all seriousness, ye olde bird of prey seemed none the worse for wear after his run in with his own reflection (who was in that skybox?) during his traditional pre-game flight, and after picking the heads of several fans clean of lice, he finallyyyyyyyyyyy EAGLE’d, HEY! and was taken off the field like normal.

For his part, Nova was thrilled, but concerned:

It’s just another day in Jordan-Hare. Heart-stopping finishes. Heart-stopping eagle encounters. All routine, folks… all part of this marvelous Auburn show.

UPDATE: Family in luxury box recalls eagle encounter, photographs eagle grease.

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